Kaiserschmarrn Omelette Spezzata


150 g flour
2 glasses of warm milk,
4 eggs
a pinch of salt,
30 g sugar,
60 g of raisins to soften,
80 g butter

How to make the Kaiserschmarrn – Omelette spezzata:

Mix until you get a smooth batter, milk, flour, and salt, add the yolks, and mix well.
Fit the clear with the sugar until stiff and incorporate it fixed very carefully to the batter.
Mix raisins dried. Heat the butter in a large pan, pour the batter and brown it.
With the help of two forks, tear the pancake into pieces and serve sprinkled with powdered sugar in abundance. (Also serving with a little redcurrant jam).

By Annemarie, tanguera (tango dancer) in Bolzano

Serves 4
Regional recipe from Südtirol