Insalata Di Bianchetti – Bianchetti Salad

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Insalata Di Bianchetti – Bianchetti Salad

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Bianchetti is the commercial name given to the juveniles of bluefish (but not only) fishing in the Mediterranean Sea (especially sardines and anchovies). At the same time, sandals and other species such as sandpipers (rosastra) are rarer. Adults of the species Aphia minuta often sold instead of yellowtail have the commercial name of Rossetti.
This fish is fished with special nets, called in the Ligurian slang sciabegottu (similar to the Sciabica net, but with smaller dimensions), in the first months of the year.

Cooking Insalata Di Bianchetti – Bianchetti Salad

In Ligurian cuisine, gianchetti is consumed mainly in salted water and served hot, seasoned with oil and lemon. Another version involves the packaging of cakes prepared with a batter of eggs and flour or in omelets flavored with lemon (this last dish is trendy in western Liguria); they can also be floured and fried. In Ligurian cooking, they also flavor another typical Ligurian dish: farinata.
Besides the “spaghetti con la neonata,” Sicilian cooking” is very used the frittelle di neonata, crushed meatballs of juveniles, with parsley, egg, and a pinch of flour to amalgamate, and then fried in olive oil or seeds—smaller specimens of cicirello prepared in the same way. Juvenile anchovies are called Sardella.
In Neapolitan cooking, they are called cicinielli and eaten fried in batter.
In Ancona’s cooking, they are called paranzola.
In Macerata’s cooking, they are called lattarina.
In the cuisine of Brindisi, they are called Schuma ti Mari (Literally seafoam).
In the cuisine of Taranto, they are called Faloppa and used with eggs as an omelet.
In Crotone cuisine, they are called Bianchetto. Weighed down and macerated with hot pepper and other spices, they are commonly called Sardella.
In Reggio’s cooking they are called “Neonata”, “Nnannata” or Biancomangiari, and are used to make fritters (Frittelli ‘i ‘Nnannata)
In Corsica, the cuisine of Ajaccio is with “Blanchette,” a sort of savory puffs. The preparation is with whitebait, beaten eggs, garlic and parsley, a little bit of flour; everything is cooked in boiling oil.


One lb. whitebait (dressed)
lemon juice
salt and pepper
olive oil

How to make the Insalata Di Bianchetti – Bianchetti Salad:

Bianchetti is tiny fish, the spawn of sardines or anchovies. The local population can fish only during specific and limited times of the year not to endanger the fish population. The fish must be fresh for this dish.

Wash the whitebait well in cold saltwater (in Italy, where possible, it is washed in seawater), drain, and season with salt, pepper, lemon juice, and some olive oil. Let stand refrigerated for one hour and serve.

Serves 4

Regional Recipe from Liguria, Marche, Apulia, Calabria, Campania

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