Gnocchi Di Semolino


3/4 qt. of milk
9 oz. finely ground semolina
5 oz. butter
2 1/2 oz. grated Parmigiano
1 pinch salt
2 egg yolks

How to make Gnocchi di Semolino :

Bring the milk to a boil in a little saucepan with 1 oz. of butter and a pinch of salt. Add semolina little by little, stirring all the while. Continue to stir and cook for about half an hour. Turn off the heat; add 2 tbs. Parmigiano, the egg yolks and stir well. Wet a pastry board or a marble surface and pour out the cooked semolino. Spread with a wet spatula to make a layer about 1/2 inch thick. Let the gnocchi di semolino cool.

Melt the remaining butter. Cut the layer of semolino into round pieces, using a round mold about 1 1/2-in. in diameter. Arrange the disks in slanted layers in a baking dish, sprinkling each layer with melted butter and Parmigiano. Bake the gnocchi di semolino until the top layer is crisp.

Serves 4

Regional recipe from Latium