Gnocchi Di Molche

Gnocchi di molche –



How to make the “Molche” gnocchi:

Molche is the residues collected after pressing olives for the production of extra-virgin olive oil. Therefore they are saturated in oil. In case of difficulty finding them, they can be substituted with a black olive pate (some excellent ones are found on sale).

How to make the gnocchi di molche: take 1 kg of floury potatoes (suitable for making mashed potatoes) and cook them in salted water. Once cooked and cooled, pass the potatoes through a ricer, add salt and 300g of white flour, two fresh eggs, two tablespoons of molche (or black olive paste). Knead well and at length. Roll the dough obtained into a thin rope. Cut into small pieces, about the size of a half walnut.

Cook the gnocchi di molche in salted water. Drain and flavor with a simple sauce: fresh tomato puree slightly seared in Trentino extra virgin olive oil with a small piece of garlic and fresh basil. Sprinkle with Trentino grana (Parmesan cheese).

Accompany the gnocchi di molche with a well-chilled bottle of Trentino Schiava rose’.

Serves 4-6

Regional recipe from Trentino