Gnocchetti sardi con ragù di Agnello e Pecorino a scaglie

Sardinian gnocchetti with lamb ragout and Pecorino cheese flakes

Difficulty: Easy Time: 40 minutes


320 gr Sardinian potato dumplings;

How to make Gnocchetti Sardi con ragu

Cut the pulp of lamb into small cubes.
Cut the onion in thin slices, slowly cook it in half the oil, then add the meat and braise for 5 minutes.
Bathe with the red wine, make to evaporate, and add the pulp of tomato.
Salt and pepper to like.
Cook the Sardinian Potato dumplings in abundant salted water and drain them undertone.
Pour them into the frying pan with the juice, add the remaining oil and whip.
Prepare in the serving dishes and garnish with flakes of Roman pecorino.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia