Gattafin sold as street food – Pampuco CC BY-SA 4.0

400 gr. flour,
80 gr. grated parmesan,
a little minced onion,
4 T. olive oil, olive oil for frying,
1.5 kilos beet greens,
4 eggs,
salt and pepper.

How to make the Gattafin:

Mix flour with a tablespoon of oil and a little salt as in preparing the traditional pastry for ravioli (adding eventually 1/2 cup warm water which gives a soft and elastic consistency to the dough). In salted water,

Add the beet greens, mix well and cook over low heat for 3 min. Drain the greens of any excess liquid and transfer to a bowl. Add parmesan, the beaten eggs, marjoram, and pepper. Mix well and add salt. Place little piles of this filling on the pastry obtaining ravioli of around 8 cm. on each side.

The pastry may be folded to form triangles. Or: cover the filling with another sheet of pastry and cut into regular ravioli with a particular small wheel. In any case, fry them in abundant boiling oil, a few at a time, and serve the gattafin immediately.

Serves 4-6

Regional recipe from Liguria

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