Frittella – Fritters

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The fritter is a fried food usually round and flattened in shape. It can be both sweet and salty.


  • butter,
  • vanilla,
  • sugar,
  • flour,
  • eggs,
  • lemon zest,
  • baking powder,
  • salt,
  • liqueur


This dish, formerly widespread in much of the Mediterranean, was known in the days of Ancient Rome and probably even before it. Ancient Romans called these sweets frictilia. Later on, the dish had a new development in Spain and then spread everywhere. In Italy, many regions have it as one of their typical dishes or as a P.A.T. or Dop brand, and each of them gives this dish a different name. Usually consumed or during festivities, cakes are eaten in many countries of the world.
Venetian Fritters

Same subject in detail: Frìtoła

Also, in Venice, Frìtołe had a resounding success until they were named the national sweet of the Serenissima Republic; in Veneto and Friuli’s whole territory, they soon became loved by everyone. The recipe of frittelle (1300) is identified as the most ancient document of Venetian cooking. It is kept in the Casanatense National Library in Rome.
Frittelle was not made by just anyone, only by so-called fritoleri. The profession of fritoleri was an actual corporation that had divided the territory in its area of exclusivity. Therefore, one could enter only having a father “fritolero.” This strategy allowed the corporation to survive until the end of the nineteenth century.

How to make Frittella – Fritters

They are straightforward to prepare: In a bowl, mix the butter, vanilla, sugar, flour, eggs, lemon zest, baking powder, salt, and liqueur. Knead on a floured surface. After waiting for a few minutes, form sticks of dough with a thickness of one to two centimeters, cut them into small pieces the size of a small walnut, and then work them between your hands to form balls. In a pan with plenty of oil, fry until the fritters become puffy and get a nice golden color.
Then lay the pancakes on a serving plate and maybe sprinkle them, if sweet, with caster sugar, powdered sugar, honey, or maple syrup. If desired, you can add ingredients to give rise to rice pancakes or apple pancakes. You can enjoy them also filled with custard.

Types of pancakes

Pancakes are packaged in a different and typical way in different countries:

Rice crispelos
Farsò; pancakes of St. Joseph
Carnival pancakes (Castel Goffredo)
Rice fritters of St. Joseph
Pancakes of St. Joseph of Pitigliano
Frittelle di San Martino (Molfetta)
Sphinxes of St. Joseph

In Italy, they are a regional recipe from Lombardia, Apulia, Tuscany, Sicily

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