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The ciaramicola is a typical Easter sweet of the province of Perugia; it is a cake in the shape of a doughnut, red with white icing and colored sugared almonds coverage. This cake, born as a hymn to the city of Perugia, represents the five districts of Porta Sole, Porta Sant’Angelo, Porta Susanna, Porta Eburnea, and Porta San Pietro. The colors appearing in the cake refer to the neighborhoods and the coat of arms of Perugia. Red to the inside, covered with white icing to the outside, and embellished with colored confettini.

Ingredients (for four people)

500 g of flour
200 g of sugar
120 g of butter or lard
Three eggs
50 ml of alchermes
grated rind of orange or lemon peel
a sachet of baking powder (dose for 1/2 kg)
colored candies

How to make Ciaramicola

Place the flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, and sugar in a heap on a pastry board. Pour in the center the grated zest, two eggs, and one yolk, and gradually add the alchermes, avoiding letting the liqueur contact the eggs. Knead everything for a few minutes. Then add lard or butter and knead until the dough is soft. Pour into a buttered doughnut mold and bake at 180 °C for about half an hour. Remove from the oven and, in the meantime, whisk the remaining egg whites with a pinch of sugar. Arrange the whipped egg whites on the cake’s surface and sprinkle with a sprinkling of colored sprinkles. Put back in the oven, turned off, so that the meringue firms up and retains its white color.

Regional Recipe from Umbria
Production area Perugia

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