Trentino – Südtirol Salami

Speck and Dolomite

Trentino has a long tradition in processed meat and cured, the typical rule of the highlands where the climate, on the one hand, allows the consumption and other required reserves for the long winter months. At one time, through the end of World War, they have been subject to long blocks of communications due to heavy snowfall and the lack of adequate facilities viable.

All the pig parts are worked in of supplying products poorest to the richest, such as salami, which are undoubtedly among the best that can be enjoyed, not least because in the traditions of Trentino missing ham and leg of pork sausage is processed.

The province of Trento is the most devoted charcuterie Rendena Valley, the picturesque valley traversed by the upper trunk of the river Sarca.

Südtirol Speck (dell’Alto Adige) (IGP) or Peze Enfumegade

Pork Salami
Square smoked ham made from the best parts of the pig’s back hung to smoke over beech and juniper wood.
The typical flavor profile of Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. derives first and foremost from its South Tyrolean roots. It is a place where Alpine and Mediterranean cultures meld uniquely, and it is the only place where nature provides such an extraordinary climate, boasting lots of sunshine and pure air. South Tyrol may be a tiny part of the world, but it delivers incredible delights and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Italy’s northernmost province combines Mediterranean weather with Alpine landscapes and a rustic, laid-back way of life. Against the breathtaking, beautiful backdrop of the mountains, South Tyrol people have been producing their typical ham for centuries, and they still celebrate the authentic speck culture.

The first historical mention of Speck dell’Alto Adige was in the early 1300s when some of the current production techniques were already in use. The term “speck” became part of popular parlance only in the eighteenth century and replaced the older term “bachen,” a relative to bacon. Speck is a pork product made from a boned ham that is moderately salted and seasoned, cold-smoked, and then well aged according to local practices and traditions. The exterior of a slab of Speck is brown, while the inside is red with whitish-pink areas. Speck has a strong smoky and zesty scent. The meat is flavored with black pepper, pimento, garlic, and juniper berry during the salting process, which lends it a distinctive and savory taste. The area of production includes the entire province of Bolzano.

Brusti (Baldonazzi o sanguinacci)

Pork & veal
Sweet-and-sour blood sausage featuring chestnut flour, walnuts, raisins, lard, and nutmeg.

Bresaola di Cervo

Intensely red Bresaola, firm and slightly sweet.

Carne Salada

“Salted Meat,” made by marinating beef in a salt brine with pepper, garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, and white wine. The fresh meat is seasoned in wooden casks and preserved in brine for twenty days.


Pork Salami
Smoked sausage featuring the lowly but economical turnip.


Veal and pork
Pork Salami and veal sausage that is stuffed into a mutton casing and smoked over birchwood


Beef and pork
Chop all the meat relatively coarse-grained, seasoned until a thick paste, adding a bit ‘of water and bags in the pig gut.


Beef and pork
The Kaminwurz is raw and smoked pork or beef sausage. Its flavor is similar to the Speck even though it develops its taste depending on its spices and cumin.


Pork Salami
Smoked, salted, or spiced lard, eaten as an antipasto. Lard from the region of Trento is made from the highest part of the pork shoulder, which is characterized by a pinkish color, which makes this lard particularly tasty.

Luganega della valle dei Mocheni

Pork Salami
The first choice of pork (leg, shoulder, and part of the chops) is ground with a variable percentage of donkey meat, seasoned, and stuffed in natural casings.

Mortandela della Val di Non

Pork Salami
Minced pork sausage finds its most elaborate expression in Val di Sole and Val di Non, where it is sprinkled with cornmeal, pressed, and smoked over beechwood and aromatic herbs. It has nothing to do with the “mortadella”; only the name is similar.

Mortandela della Valsugana

Pork Salami
Traditional Valsugana product of ancient traditions consists of a meatball of minced pure pork, seasoned, and generally consumed fresh a few days after production.


Pork Salami
The Italian version of Germany’s Frankfurterwurstel, a pork and veal sausage, is stuffed into a mutton casing and smoked over birchwood. ‘Probusto’ is a specialty type of the city of Rovereto.


Smoked beef, most often served thinly sliced as an antipasto or as part of a Bollito Misto.

Salame all’aglio

Pork Salami
It is a real specialty characterized not only by the discreet flavor of garlic, the softness that comes from being used for this sausage of the pig’s best parts, and the very fine paste obtained through a unique process.

Salsicce del Trentino

Pork Salami
Trentino sausages should be eaten fresh. As they are made for both the long and narrow shape, the pasta is fine, both for spices (pepper, nutmeg, sometimes horseradish, and cumin) that give these little sausages taste particular.


Pork Salami
Humble salami that makes use of all the parts of the pig that couldn’t be incorporated in other preparations, including the skin and cheeks seasoned with pepper and spices.

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