Basilicata Salami

The production of sausages and soppressata, which is one of the characteristics of the butchery of the region, is flanked by the working of the animal’s internal parts, being treated with the method of salting and curing systems used everywhere. Remarkable is the neck, but it can be a real surprise to taste a Lucan ham, which must mature in the area of Vulture, and made unique flavor from the use of pepper used in conjunction with salt and other spices.


Pork Salami
Pork Salami shoulder and neck stuffed into pork bladder, amply spiced; sometimes smoked or conserved in olive oil or flavored with cooked wine.


Pork Salami
Sausage praised by Cicero and Martial in the days of ancient Rome, flavored with sweet and spicy pepper, fennel seeds, and black pepper; eaten grilled or roasted, or raw if smoked.

Prosciutto Lucano

Pork Salami
The processing of this prosciutto has particular methods of preparation, arising from the many centuries of experience spent researching the best result in terms of the flavor and the method of preservation.

Salsiccia Pezzente

Pork Salami
Sausage made from minced pork scraps (head, cheek, lights, liver, and nerves), generously spiced and flavored with garlic; grilled and eaten on toasted bread, in soups, or over polenta. The “pezzente” (beggar) sausage: the adjective refers to the poor quality of the meats used, coming from parts of the pig which could not be used for the more noble preparations, and this is why it is also known as the sausage of the poor.


Pork Salami
It’s a salami from lean pork meat and pork fat (preferably from small black pigs). A knife cuts the flesh rather than ground, then spiced, stuffed into casings, and pressed under a weight to obtain its characteristic flattened shape (hence the name). Traditionally hung near the hearth to age and acquired a delicate smoky aroma. Sometimes conserved in olive oil or lard, it may contain pork blood or ground sweet peppers for a brighter red color. It’s perhaps the most typical salami of the Lucania region. In the area around Potenza, they call it soperzata. It has its country of adoption in the territories of Lagonegro, Lauria, Picerno, and Tricarico. It should be made from pork fillet, and the pig should be a black pig.

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