Aspic with prosciutto and eggs

Aspic with prosciutto and eggs – marco dodero Public Domain

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Aspic is a dish based on the incorporation of various ingredients into gelatin.
It can be a savory dish, as in the case of aspic made with meat broth, or a spoonful of dessert.

Savory Aspic.

It is a culinary preparation to be typically consumed in late spring or summer. The ingredients can be the most varied (pieces of meat, fruits, vegetables, giardiniera, cold cuts, fish, dairy products). The essential component is the broth (usually beef broth, light and defatted, or stock cube, but containing an appropriate thickener).
The preparation is done by putting the desired ingredients in a suitable container to give the composition to be brought to the table a rounded truncated cone shape. Cover with the broth mixed with isinglass (or other thickeners) and place in the refrigerator until the broth has hardened and the dish has taken on a gelatinous appearance. Then turn the container upside down on a serving plate and serve at the table, possibly with a garnish of your choice. In Milan, it is called Marbré (marbled) in French.

Sweet Aspic

It is a recipe similar to Bavarian cream, but it does not include the base of custard and cream. Instead, it consists of incorporating gelatine into one or more ingredients, such as fresh fruit. To obtain a more frothy aspect, and similar to mousse, some egg whites are added to the preparation.

Regional Recipe from Lombardy

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