Amarettos, Gueffos, Papassinos

Amarettos, Gueffos,Papassinos

Amarettos, Gueffos, Papassinos

Preparing Papassinos

Difficulty: Difficult
Time: 2 hours


One flour kg;
250 grams of sugar;
300 grams of sweet almonds;
Four eggs;
250 grams of lard;
1/4 of milk;
25 ammonia grams;
15 grams of cocoa;
Two oranges;
20 grams of anise;
cream of chocolate;
One little envelope of yeast;
Two little envelopes of vanillina

How to make Amarettos, Gueffos, Papassinos:

Dip the almonds in warm water and peel them, coarsely grinding them.
In a baking pan, do you her to gild in the oven to 30°.
In a bowl, prepare the fountain flour, add the eggs, the grated orange, the sugar, the cocoa, the vanillina, the star anise, and the cream of chocolate.
In a bowl, loosen the yeast in the warm milk.
Unite the flour with the loose yeast, the ammonia, the milk, the lard, and the almonds and get a mixture very hard.
Stretch it with a matterello (rolling pin) on a tagliere (cutting board) to reach a centimeter thickness.
Cut out the pasta in so many rhombuses. Do you cook in the oven to 150°?
Prepare the icing, and cover the rhombuses.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia

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