Agnolotti Pavesi

Agnolotti Pavesi – LukeWiller CC BY-SA 4.0 from

Agnolotti pavesi (in Pavese dialect agnolot or agnulot) are a stuffed egg pasta typical of Oltrepò Pavese, an area in the province of Pavia, in southern Lombardy.

The filling of this type of agnolotti is based on Pavese stew. The agnolotti pavesi can be served dry, seasoning based on Pavese stew, or in broth. It is a typical dish of the Christmas tradition.

The recipe of this stuffed egg pasta shows the influences of Piedmontese and Piacenza cuisine. The first one has borrowed the shape of the pasta, which is the same as Piedmontese agnolotti. The second one has borrowed the filling: the Pavia style stew is similar to the Piacenza style stew, which is filling anolini alla piacentina. Similarities also emerge with another recipe from Piacenza, anolini alla bobbiese, which are served dry like agnolotti.

The origin of the name “agnolotto” is uncertain: popular tradition identifies in a cook from Monferrato named Angiolino, called Angelot, the formulation of the recipe; later the specialty of Angelot would become the current Piedmontese agnolotti. The latter differs from the agnolotti of Pavia for the filling, which is instead based on roasted meat.

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